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Real Wood

Our real wood floors are a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious, authentic wood finish in the home. Besides longevity, wood floors are very durable and very resistant to daily living wear and tear.

Solid wood flooring is a natural product, with each board consisting of a single piece of wood that is machine-cut to size.

Engineered wood flooring is made from several layers of wood pressed together. The top layer is always a veneer of solid wood – exactly like regular solid wood flooring. However, under this top layer is the core which can be made from HDF, plywood or a soft wood.

Engineered Wood flooring is ideally suited for use in both domestic and commercial environments. It is a more advanced product than conventional solid boards; for instance, you can use under floor heating with engineered floor boards.

Flooring Brands We Use

Natural Solutions

Carefully selected, these hardwood floors are taken from trees of great beauty and age, sourced from forests across Europe. Many of these trees have been nurtured throughout generations, and cared for over the past 100 years. Natural Solutions is an advocate of the sustainability and corporate responsibility of our trees and forests so rest assured your flooring has been selected and sourced responsibly. Most of the Natural Solutions collections are oak. This highly versatile wood gives your floor a beautiful selection of different characteristics, no matter what effect you are looking for. From tree to technology, keeping the beauty and unique character that can only be produced by nature is vital. Natural Solutions flooring is processed and enhanced for the modern home.

Flooring Brands We Use


The Belgian flooring label Lalegno was launched almost ten years ago and has grown into one of the leading premium brands in the world of engineered wood. Of course, Lalegno floors didn’t come about just like that, because for almost 40 years now, Geert Labeeuw has supported the development of its multilayer flooring with solid investments and revolutionary innovations. Lalegno floors are manufactured with the utmost respect for nature and the environment. They use a multilayer parquet, with a durable top layer of fine wood and reinforcement layers of fast-growing timber.

Flooring Brands We Use


Ekowood, a home-grown brand has made its imprint on world map of engineered hardwood flooring. The Ekowood factory in Malaysia has a built-up of 65,000 sqm (or 700,000 sqft) and a land area of almost 3 times the build-up. The total investment in the production plant is more than USD30million and Ekowood has over 400 skilled and experienced employees. Ekowood crossed-grain technology makes it 70% more stable compared to conventional solid timber flooring. Ekowood floors are pre-finished resulting higher precision and even application. Ekowood floors have 6 layers of lacquer cured by UV light making them more durable and highly scratch and stain resistance.

Flooring Brands We Use

Kersaint Cobb & Company

Kersaint Cobb have a great reputation as manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, long lasting flooring. The company manufacture wood flooring for many domestic uses. They use a variety of styles in their ranges including Oak and Walnut giving something to suit everyone. Kersaint Cobb offer a vast and elegant collection of solid and engineered woods. The wood floors range from Heritage Parquet – a selection of traditional parquet solid oak designs, to ‘Fjor’ – a selection of rustic, Scandinavian-inspired European oak designs.