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Sanding & Oiling

Old wooden floors are usually the most beautiful, but often they need a bit of work to bring out the full beauty. FMF will soon be offering a sanding and oiling service to refresh old wooden boards and give them a new life, with a variety of different finish options available.

Oil or Lacquer?

With wooden floor you have two options: Oil or Lacquer, each has its pros and cons. The protective barrier that lacquer creates will wear through in time and it is important to apply a fresh lacquer coat before this happens. If it does wear through to the timber any dust and dirt on the floor will be trodden in to the wood grain. To remove it you will have to sand the whole floor again as local repairs are very difficult if not impossible. Oiled floors do not create a protective barrier above the wood rather the wood absorbs the oil giving it repellent properties. The main benefit of an oiled floor is that local repairs can be carried out to damaged areas and they will blend back into the rest of the floor when re-oiled. Re-oiling will need to be carried out far more frequently than lacquering, usually about every 18 to 36 months.

Main Points: