Artificial grass, also known as fake grass, is made from synthetic fibres and yarns that are dyed and cut to imitate real grass. With the advancement in technology, artificial grass has become more and more realistic in appearance. It is often installed in areas where grass cannot grow or in spaces where grass maintenance is unmanageable. Artificial grass is used in sports stadiums and arenas as well as residential and commercial gardens.


No Need to Water

If you have a real lawn in your garden, you will need to water it regularly to ensure its growth and longevity. However, if you have fake or artificial grass, you won’t have to worry anymore as you will only need water during cleaning. Occasionally, you will need to hose the blades off to remove any standing dirt or debris.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of artificial grass is its minimal maintenance. Because mowing is not required, maintaining your artificial grass is a breeze. You can remove large debris using a leaf blower while a simple bristle broom can get rid of dust. However, you’ll want to avoid anything that could stain such as brake fluid or paint as you’ll have to replace that patch then.

Doesn’t Require Fertiliser or Pesticide

Artificial grass maintains its beauty and lushness without being fertilised on a regular basis. Children and pets can play safely without the fear of being exposed to harmful, toxic chemicals.

Shade Is Not An Issue

Whilst natural grass can fade and die in shaded areas, this is not the case with artificial grass. It does not require water and direct sunlight so it maintains its colour and size even in covered spaces. Hence, there’s no need to worry about any bald patches as your turf will always look nice and even.


You can expect your artificial grass to handle wear and tear for several years as the materials used in its manufacture withstand foot traffic and all types of climate. It’s also less likely to lose its colour through ultraviolet ray exposure.

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