Benefits of Artificial Grass For Residential Properties


With our busy work appointments and family-related agendas, we need to make our lives as easy as possible especially when it comes to maintaining our home. Switching to artificial grass is a great help in maintaining a clean and fresh looking garden all year around.

Here are a few advantages of installing artificial grass over high-maintenance natural grass:


Many people are allergic to grass as it releases pollen that trigger symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes and a cough. Using artificial grass is an ideal alternative so your family can relax and play in the garden all day without the worry of getting dirty. Additionally, artificial lawns mean you can throw away those harmful pesticides that cause pollution to waterways and are a threat to peoples health.

Conserve water and reduce your bill

Maintaining your lawn is hard work, it will take you hours to ensure that the soil gets enough water to prevent it from drying. Moreover, water is an expensive commodity and using thousands of litres of water is really alarming. Good news is, you don’t need to sacrifice your sanity in exchange for a beautiful lawn. Switching to artificial grass will save you up to 70 per cent on your water bill.


The cost of installing artificial grass may be more than laying a natural one. However, years of saving on your water expenses and maintenance fees is a great return on investments. With artificial grass, you can make your lawn low priority within your cleaning routine as it requires the least maintenance. It also saves time watering and only requires picking up any litter and occasionally giving a quick sweep to remove any leaves.

In addition to this, growing natural grass is a lot harder than you think. In shaded areas, particularly under the trees, grass just won’t grow.

Great for rentals

The last thing people want is to gain is additional bills. Providing owners with a virtually maintenance free garden is attractive as they don’t need to spend money on keeping a lawn in good condition.

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