Tips on choosing the right colour wood floor for your home

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TIPS ON CHOOSING THE RIGHT COLOUR WOOD FLOORING Whether you’re transitioning your honey-coloured wood flooring to a darker, warmer hue or just starting out to pick the best wood colour for your floor, it is best to first know the factors you have to consider before [...]

How To Choose The Right Wood Floor For Your Home

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How To Choose The Right Wood Floor For Your HomeWith all the varied designs, species and colours of wood floors on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be a little challenging. Flooring has a big effect on the overall look of your home. It should incorporate [...]

Benefits of Artificial Grass For Residential Properties

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Benefits of Artificial Grass For Residential Properties   With our busy work appointments and family-related agendas, we need to make our lives as easy as possible especially when it comes to maintaining our home. Switching to artificial grass is a great help in maintaining a clean and fresh looking garden [...]

Advantages of Carpet Flooring

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Advantages of Carpet Flooring Carpet flooring is a popular flooring option for residential and commercial properties because of its advantages, such as improving aesthetics of your home and reducing noise levels. Carpets have distinctive features that make them one of the best flooring option and a perfect addition to the [...]

Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring: What’s the difference?

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HARDWOOD VS LAMINATE FLOORING: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE Many homeowners who want an aesthetic wood floor finish may face the option to choose between hardwood and laminate. On the early days of laminate wood flooring, this can be an easy choice to make, as hardwood floor was a far [...]

Showroom: Grey Laminate, Contract Carpet & Entrance Matting

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SHOWROOM – GREY LAMINATE, CONTRACT CARPET & ENTRANCE MATTING Products used: Krono 10mm Laminate – Grey Rock Contract Carpet – Speckled Black & Grey Entrance Matting – Black Featured in this case study is our very own FMF showroom – showcasing a range of different floor coverings which [...]

Entire House: Laminate, Carpet & Vinyl

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ENTIRE HOUSE - LAMINATE, CARPET & VINYL Featured Products: Harvest Oak 8mm Laminate Rio Grande – Thick Grey Carpet Buzz Vinyl – Grey Mosaic This case study showcases an entire house supplied and fitted by FIT MY FLOOR. The majority of the downstairs floor is covered with our [...]

Glastonbury: Flooring Case Study

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GLASTONBURY Featured Products: Cormar Soft Focus Carpet – Starlight Sensations Essentials Vinyl – Bilbao Dublin Oak 8mm Laminate Kersaint Entrance Matting – Natural This case study features a full house of new floor coverings, using a variety of different products to achieve a practical and stylish finish. As you enter [...]