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Uses and Benefits of Carpet Flooring

More and more UK homeowners look to the use of carpet flooring, not only because of the elegance it can provide but also for its practicality. It is a type of floor covering made of woven fibres. Carpet flooring is typically composed of an upper layer or the show layer where the fabrics are and a lower layer known as the backing which the upper layer is fastened to. The upper layer can be made from wool, polyester, nylon, olefin and a selection of other synthetic or natural fibres. The lower, tougher layer, on the other hand, holds all the little fibres firmly in place whilst offering to pad against the harder layers of the floor.

In addition, carpets are the most comfortable type of flooring on the feet which also helps prevent the risk of slips and falls, it is also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. This is the reason why it is preferred in commercial and private settings, whilst providing a soft and warm feel, which other types of flooring simply can’t offer.

Whilst hardwood has reigned as the king of flooring for a long time now, carpet floor covering continues to grow in popularity. Read on to find out why you should consider carpet flooring products for your home.

Beauty and style
Carpet floor coverings offer a wide range of colours and patterns, it is also a great decorating material and can be the focal point of any room. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find a design that fits your style, budget and functional needs.

If you desire an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, carpet flooring is soft and feels great beneath bare feet which is why it is a great option for bedrooms and living room areas.

Warmth and comfort
Carpets have the capacity to make any room a comfortable environment to work in as it can provide you with a cosy and welcomed feel. It is a much better option than hardwood during the colder months as it can retain warm air longer.

Slips and falls prevention
Carpet floor coverings are by far the safest flooring solution which has the capacity to minimise slips and falls. This is what makes it perfect for homes with small children or elderly residents.

Noise reduction
Another major benefit of carpet flooring is its capacity to mute noise in any room of your home. This is because the surface of the carpet is padded and insulated so any noise won’t easily be heard.

If you’re located around the Newport or Cardiff areas and you’re looking for the perfect carpeting solution, Fit My Floor offers durable, comfortable and quality carpets to make your house a home. Our wide selection of floor covering solutions can help you select the best choice as there is an option for every budget and décor. We have partnered up with brands such as Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors and FMF Exclusives to provide you with only the highest standards of carpet flooring, suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

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