Easylay 40mm

Easylay 40mm

Banish worn out lawns and create a real wow factor in your garden with Easylay 40mm artificial grass. Ready to unroll and transform your garden, this lush and luxurious synthetic grass has the look and feel of a natural lawn without the need to water, weed and mow. Easylay 40mm is also stain and UV resistant making it a highly practical choice for a family garden.

This premium artificial grass is ideal for landscaping, creating an all-seasons lawn that can even deal with torrential rain while maintaining its good looks. The 40mm pile looks particularly plush and inviting without sacrificing anything in robustness and longevity. Lovers of living lawns will also appreciate the blend of different greens that are used to create an all-natural look, including highly realistic thatching.

Artificial lawns continue to grow in popularity because they’re so easy to maintain. Your synthetic grass turf will continue to look good throughout the year without the need for chemicals or water making it a perfect choice for gardeners who regularly experience hosepipe bans. If you want to banish bald patches and muddy footprints forever without missing out on the beauty of a luxurious lawn, Easylay 40mm artificial grass is the smart choice.

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Easylay 40mm


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