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Laminate risers are a wood-based product that can be installed on the vertical space between the steps of the stairs, known as risers. They are made up of 4 layers, with each layer serving a distinct purpose. The back or bottom layer is responsible for balancing the surface and for protecting it against moisture. The core layer, just above the back layer protects the plank from indentation. The design layer has a decorative sheet with a detailed image of natural wood, stone or tile. The top layer is made up of aluminium oxide responsible for protecting the floor against stains, scratches and fading.


Laminate risers are a popular choice in the consumer market today because of the numerous benefits they offer.

Its materials are engineered to give lasting durability and strength that prevents dents, fading and scratches. If your home involves high traffic or you have children and pets, laminate is a great option.

Variety of Styles
It comes in a variety of gorgeous and realistic styles, from wood to stone and tile finishes. They are also available in different colours, thickness and surface treatments. They are a perfect addition if you want to improve the aesthetic of your home.

Despite being less expensive than hardwood, laminate risers are visually appealing and have great quality. There’s a range of laminate risers to choose from, which are suitable to your budget.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
They are easy-to-install and they do not need special cleaning and maintenance. Simple sweeping and wiping can give them a spotless look.

They are great for those who have allergies as there’s nowhere for dust or allergens to hide. Its bottom layer also provides a moisture barrier, which can prevent moulds from forming.

Environment –friendly
Laminate risers are made from sustainable materials like wood fibres, chips and planks. You can also recycle them after years of use, making it eco-friendly until the end.

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Other popular colour combinations of a staircase with laminate risers

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